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Large and Small Enterprise

Artisan serves large and small enterprises. Although our network is purpose built to support large enterprise customers, we gladly support small business too. Our network’s 99.99% uptime guarantee applies no matter your company’s size.


"We were looking for a company that had a strong reputation in their market space and a value proposition that met the business needs of its clients with the current economic climate. We were looking for a business that allowed us to grow at our own pace and not have a tremendous investment in infrastructure, inventory and back office overhead. The Artisan Master Exclusive Agent program was a perfect fit for our needs. We are excited about the opportunity Artisan gives us and look forward to a great year ahead."
Craig and Cindy Moser
- St. Louis Missouri.
Feature List

Find Me/Follow Me
Instant Call  Forwarding

Don’t miss any calls. With the assignment of one phone number to an employee, all incoming calls will find them whenever and wherever they want to be found. This allows for seamless transfers across the organization to their desk, cell, or home phones.
Visual Voicemail
 Prioritize and listen to your most important voicemails first. No longer will your employees be required to listen to multiple messages just to get to the important ones. View, sort, and even email your voice and fax messages. 
Speed dial with a click. Connect instantly with contacts including Microsoft Outlook® contacts. Let your mouse do the walking and start talking.
Call Logs
Visualize calling activity. Employee or supervisory opportunities to view real time, call reporting including caller name (if available) and telephone number for all calls inbound, outbound, or missed.
Auto Attendant
Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. Incoming callers can self-select who they need to speak to without the requirement of a receptionist or operator.

911 Services
Safety first. 911 Services are provided with Artisan VoIP service.*
Automated Call Distribution
Upgrade customer service and support. With numerous ACD and Hunt Groups, you can direct incoming calls to the right person at the right time. If high touch is what you want, this is touchy-feely.

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911 Services
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Find Me/Follow Me
Four-digit dialing
Hands-Free Dialing
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Multiple Calling Plans
Multiple Line Appearances
Personal/Company Directories
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Speed Dial Directories
Star Codes
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Visual Voicemail
Unified Messaging
Wide-Area Dial plans
Company Services

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