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Large and Small Enterprise

Artisan serves large and small enterprises. Although our network is purpose built to support large enterprise customers, we gladly support small business too. Our network’s 99.99% uptime guarantee applies no matter your company’s size.


"We were looking for a company that had a strong reputation in their market space and a value proposition that met the business needs of its clients with the current economic climate. We were looking for a business that allowed us to grow at our own pace and not have a tremendous investment in infrastructure, inventory and back office overhead. The Artisan Master Exclusive Agent program was a perfect fit for our needs. We are excited about the opportunity Artisan gives us and look forward to a great year ahead."
Craig and Cindy Moser
- St. Louis Missouri.
Dedicated Server Solutions

Collocated Hosting: Your Equipment, Our Data Center
No more worries about single point of failure, premise based servers that are susceptible to theft, power outages, network outages and disaster. Collocated hosting allows you to place your equipment in one of the Artisan Data Centers. All Artisan Data Centers are connected with fully redundant network connections, secure carrier-class facilities with clean power, full enviromentals, dual power grids, battery backup and contracted diesel refueling in case of disaster. You retain responsibility for its maintenance, content and applications, we do the rest..

Dedicated Hosting: Artisan Equipment, Artisan Data Center, No Headaches
Artisan dedicated hosting offers you a complete hosting services solution. Artisan provides the servers, hosting space and carrier-class facilities.  You'll have access to a business-class server coupled with the operating system of your choice. Your company is provided remote access software that enables you to manage your content and applications. We provide the base configuration, monitoring and maintenance of the server along with a full menu of ancillary hardware and services that allow your business to scale as needed.

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