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Large and Small Enterprise

Artisan serves large and small enterprises. Although our network is purpose built to support large enterprise customers, we gladly support small business too. Our network’s 99.99% uptime guarantee applies no matter your company’s size.

Partner Program

Artisan promotes our services exclusively through agent partners. Because we rely solely on agent relationships you’ll find doing business with Artisan easier than any other telecommunications firm.

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Managed Firewall Solutions

Managed Firewall Solutions for Business

Most businesses don’t realize the level of exposure your company has in today's high tech, connected world.  Your company needs a managed network security solution that can be implemented easily and scale with your business. Artisan's Managed Firewalls offer a fully-managed perimeter solution that includes equipment, configuration, implementation, expert customer support and 24/7/365 monitoring. Our state-of-the-art managed security platform  implements the most current security policies your company needs to help ensure network integrity and prevent Internet-borne attacks.

Managed Security Features

Remotely Management
Artisan installs the firewall equipment, then remotely monitors and manages the firewall appliance and policies from our carrier-class Network Operations Center.

Dynamic Packet Filtering with Stateful Inspection
Dynamic packet filtering with stateful inspection is a firewall architecture that works at the network layer. Unlike static packet filtering, which examines a packet based on the information in its header, stateful inspection examines both the header and the contents of the packet up through the application layer.

Intrusion Detection
Managed security solutions detect certain types of network attacks and provide real-time notification to you and the Artisan NOC. These notifications contain the time and date of the event and the originating location of the offender.

Traffic Management
Traffic management allows Artisan to monitor, analyze and allocate bandwidth utilized by various types of network traffic in real time, ensuring business-critical traffic is never compromised. Artisan can manage traffic based on IP address, user, application or time of day. We can also set guaranteed and maximum bandwidth and prioritize traffic with up to eight priority levels.  This service is highly recommended when doing dedicated voice and data services with Artisan.

Securuity Policy Implementation
Artisan will implement your security policies in the most secure way possible.  Our security experts have highly specialized security certifications and can help you determine the best strategy to meet your security goals.

Network Monitoring, 24/7/365
The Artisan NOC staff monitors your firewall for availability and alerts that it may generate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Highly Trained Administration & Support
Network Security is becoming one of the most necessary services in our highly connected world. Network security is a specialized discipline, hiring and keeping a security expert is becoming increasingly difficult. Artisan has an experienced staff of security engineers trained by the equipment manufacturers as well as third party security specialists. Artisan is here for your organization whether you operate in a highly regulated industry that has strict requirements or own a small firm and need to protect your most precious asset, your information.

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