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Artisan promotes our services exclusively through agent partners. Because we rely solely on agent relationships you’ll find doing business with Artisan easier than any other telecommunications firm.


Dorsett Swift - This rapidly growing law firm faced challenges tying together three disparate offices in three cities.  Aside from implementing a seamless telephony solution that tied all locations and remote workers together, Artisan implemented hosted Microsoft Exchange for secure email and calendaring as well as a remote managed server solution that enabled secure remote access to all employees for critical business applications.

Austin Capital Mortgage - This fast growing mortgage broker was looking for a way to consolidate disparate phones systems in multiple locations into a seamless phone experience for their customers as well as their employees. Artisan solved their challenges and provided a seamless solution across all locations by consolidating multiple phone systems into one seamless solution including the ability to have local phone numbers is remote cities. - A rapidly growing Healthcare Social Networking company needed both a scalable enterprise telephony solution but also needed a secure faxing solution for their medical user base to send secure fax requests through the iMedicor platform.  Artisan's Flexible Voice solution proved to be the solution they were looking for.   After numerous searches for a faxing partner iMedicor settled again on Artisan's Internet Fax solution for their scalable secure faxing needs. - This extremely far reaching human genomic research firm needed a telecommunications solution that would allow for its geographically dispersed staff and researchers to communicate with ease. With Artisan, they found a solution that could not only handle their current needs but one that could incrementally grow with their organization.

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