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Large and Small Enterprise

Artisan serves large and small enterprises. Although our network is purpose built to support large enterprise customers, we gladly support small business too. Our network’s 99.99% uptime guarantee applies no matter your company’s size.

Partner Program

Artisan promotes our services exclusively through agent partners. Because we rely solely on agent relationships you’ll find doing business with Artisan easier than any other telecommunications firm.

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"We were looking for a company that had a strong reputation in their market space and a value proposition that met the business needs of its clients with the current economic climate. We were looking for a business that allowed us to grow at our own pace and not have a tremendous investment in infrastructure, inventory and back office overhead. The Artisan Master Exclusive Agent program was a perfect fit for our needs. We are excited about the opportunity Artisan gives us and look forward to a great year ahead."
Craig and Cindy Moser – St. Louis Missouri.

"Artisan's agent program brings the ability to build a long-term business while providing an immediate revenue stream to support startup costs. With the high commission sharing ability, I am able to build a team of agents who are instantly rewarded for their efforts driving immediate growth. The Artisan commission structure is beyond anything the competitors are offering, however, the compensation plan doesn't matter if the company behind it can’t deliver. As an industry veteran of 20 years and former CEO of a VoIP service provider, I understand what makes good companies and know the signs of a bad one. After doing research into the Artisan network, back office systems and customer care experience, I came to the conclusion there are very few organizations that can scale and continue to deliver like Artisan. With the combination of Artisan's great commissions, great network, streamlined back office and responsive customer service, the choice was simple."

Don Preston, Former CEO-VoIP Service Provider

"After 14 years as a successful independent/exclusive agent with a tier 1 insurance carrier; I was ready for a change. I sold my practice and was immediately in pursuit of a career change and not just any career change. My pursuit led me to many opportunities, none of which, seemed to address the recurring revenue model that makes the insurance industry so opportunistic. Unlike many of the other franchise opportunities that I have encountered, Artisan’s unique position in the marketplace lends itself to success. With Artisan’s carrier grade solution and tenure in the hosted telephony market – the value proposition is rarely matched.  Working in the SMB marketplace helps foster a loyal book of business with a traditionally low churn-rate and high retention which is very similar what I'm used to. As an exclusive agent with Artisan, I’ve been able to experience a higher commission structure with minimal start-up costs as compared to a conventional franchise approach. The Exclusive Master Agency program offers the ability to grow my business in a retail environment, through channel partners, or by building an agent sales organization."

Maurice Khollman, Austin TX

"As a 15 year sales professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Artisan Communications.  My experience as a two-time business owner and recent software sales executive was critical when it came to evaluating Artisan’s Master Exclusive Agent program.  At the same time, I wanted to engage with an organization that provided me the freedom to create my own destiny – from a financial perspective and overall quality of life. 

From a pure business model standpoint - Artisan is well positioned to realize significant growth over the next several years and is demonstrating this today.  This is due in part to Artisan’s ‘out of the box’ mentality that is literally changing the rules when it comes to long-term customer loyalty, unparalleled commission payouts, operational efficiencies, and a unique services delivery model.  Today’s economic conditions find many companies struggling to maintain their profit and revenue goals.  Artisan’s value proposition addresses these critical business and economic concerns.  With Artisan, I’m building a business that has no geographic or financial boundaries."

Joey Terrazas - Austin TX

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